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Motorbikes and motorbike gear rental
You can rent motorbikes and clothing on demand (at least 15 days before the beginning of the course).
About the cost, you can send an e-mail or call the school directly
Video On Board
The video will be viewed in the same day of the course together with the instructors so you will be  able to correct and optimize your driving technique. Each participant will receive his video.
Changes to the Setup
Our mechanics, following the instructions of our chief technician Giovanni Sandi, will help you find the most appropriate trim for your driving style.
The courses
Specifically the drive courses are taken at Tazio Nuvolari circuit. The course participants are divided in groups based on their own levels, so as to avoid any dangerous situations and for grant everybody a very accurate instruction from our instructors. The day starts with a welcome briefing and with a theoretical explanation about security rules on the track. Then the instructors explain and show the static position on the motorbike, after that they start the track race activities. In the morning they explain the ideal trajectories, they correct the position on the motorbike and in case they also improve the motorbike performance. Our mechanics, with the help of our Chief Mechanic Giovanni, will help you to find the most accurate set up to your driving style on any kind of track race. Before beginning the afternoon session there is a second briefing where on-board camera videos are shown with a more technical explanation so as to improve driving skills and more specific details are given so as to race faster but in safety. After the second briefing the track race activities start again. At the end of the day the course participants will have half an hour of free session and they can go on the track alone and put into practice what they have learnt.

Our Company
MOTOR RACING ENGINEERING is a company made up of professionals who have been involved for many years on a world-wide scale in the motorcycle races sector. Among its partners we may find Giovanni Sandi, world champions for 7 years as chief mechanic, the two instructors are Federico Sandi who has been engaged in the world championship since 2005 up to now, with a past in 125 c.c., 250 c.c., STK 1000 and more recently in the SBK world championship and Rebecca Bianchi in spite of her young age, has become a very high level and expert rider, she has recently turned up taking part in the Stock 600 World Championship.
   The Staff
Federico Sandi
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Rebecca Bianchi
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Giovanni Sandi
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Oliver Bianchi
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This type of course is more suitable for beginners or those who are not very experienced. In this case the rider is monitored closely from the start, which is useful to understand their sport driving skills better , along with trajectories, how to take the bends in the best possible way, riding like a champion, but completely safe.

Price: 370 Euros (VAT Included)


This type of course is more suitable for those who have had previous experience on tracks, but not enough to be safe and fast at the same time. They will be taught a proper position on the saddle, how to brake properly and how to make the best trajectories so as to improve their performance on the track.

Price: 490 Euros (VAT Included)


This type of course is suitable for those who have already a good experience on tracks. The rider will be taught how to improve his ability to outdistance other riders, changes of direction, the best way to use gears, and to get the  best possible trajectory performances.

Price: 599 Euros (VAT Included)


This course is the most complete as the rider is followed individually by our instructors, who will give the maximum attention necessary in order to improve evey aspect,thus getting  maximum performance. This course can be compared to a top level one and the partecipant will feel like a professional rider.

Price: 750 Euros (VAT Included)


To contact Motor Racing Engineering SA send an e-mail to An operator will call you back for all details as soon as possible.
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